Paul Odland­­

Founder & Managing Partner

Paul collects art and is the proud owner of a movie-quality Chewbacca mask

As Managing Partner, Mr. Odland provides executive leadership and direction to Belveron, ultimately answering to our investors. Paul is involved in all strategic decision-making, including raising equity, sourcing investment transactions and making investment decisions. Prior to forming Belveron Partners, he was the President and CEO of Concierge Asset Management and has previous experience at Bridge Partners. ­

Paul can often be found giving back to the Bay Area community. He is actively engaged in street outreach to those experiencing homelessness, delivering clothes, food and other essentials, along with advice and support to those in need.

Paul holds a BBA from the University of Notre Dame where he seeded an initiative through the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate to establish and grow a leading academic center focused on affordable housing. In addition to a BBA, he received an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and has completed real estate continuing education at Harvard University.